allison <3's you (lapinguina) wrote in mhs_166,
allison <3's you

linkage and journal entries...

Just so that everybody knows, I'm adding a link to this LJ on the chop shop site! Hopefully that way more of our teammates will notice and possibly join.

Also, seeing as you are all extremely capable journal-entry authors...

Seeing as I've written all of the entries on our team blog so far, I think it would be good if some other people started getting involved with it! So, I'm offering a call to arms of sorts... if anybody will take up the challenge of writing an entry detailing (okay, you don't have to go into *that* much detail, but at least a little would be good) Nationals and what's gone on since then, you get full posting access to the blog on the main site and can help me write up other stuff in the future.

Anybody up for it?
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