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FIRST camp

Team 166 hosted a one week camp for people who were interested in LEGO league. Unfortunately, the only girls were the councilors, but beyond that it was a great group. The campers split into three teams of four and one team of three. On the first day, the campers began to and building robots from the book. Each day after lunch, Mrs. Leach introduced the campers to important information about FIRST (who Dean Kamen is, what the letters stand for, info about the high school team, etc.). The next day, we taught them the game that their robot would have to be able to go through (Mission Mars), and they got down to work. By Wednesday some of the designs that the teams would be using on Friday were being developed, and the campers were introduced to TommyHawk V in action. We also assigned them the task of creating a marketing campaign complete with a poster board in place of the more time consuming research project that is usually given to lego leaguers. On Thursday, the campers placed the finishing touches on their robots and marketing projects. As with everything in FIRST, things did not turn out perfectly by last day, so early on Friday they fixed the glitches in their programs and fixed the parts that were falling apart. At noon, the councilors became the judges, table-setters, timers and pit bosses for the mini competition. After two rounds, JDL Industries ended up with the high score. Other awards that the councilors gave out included Best Marketing, Best Teamwork, and Best Design. Each of the campers left with a ribbon, an award for their individual successes, and a packet with information and activities Mars, FIRST in general, and MHS chop shop. Overall, a very successful week giving campers invaluable experience in what FIRST is like, and chopshop some much needed extra money.
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